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If you have driven around the towns in La Paz County, you have probably noticed 'Q' Mountain in Quartzsite, 'P' Mountian in Parker and 'B' Mountain in Bouse. In Bouse the rocks were painted and placed on 'B' Mountain in the 1960s by Jack Glen and John Carpenter. The Army Corp of Engineers used them to in aerial mapping of the area. The rocks were repainted in 1968 by residents of Bouse and the Bouse school children. There is a pathway up the mountain and it makes a great place to just sit in the quiet and view the community from the top.

The name of the mountain is Black Mountain. It was made from an extinct volcano which formed the biggest maganese deposit in Arizona. After the rocks were placed on the side of the mountain the residents of Bouse started refering to it as 'B' Mountain.

In the late 1970s George Nault and Diana Evan bought paint and provided hot dogs and drinks and the school children again repainted the rocks. In 2000 Ted Plummer thought the mountain needed a flag. Bill Sudan donated a one inch conduit pole and they proceeded to get the project started. It is not known who actually bought the first flag and it took quite a few trips up the mountain to get the flag pole set.

On 16 November 2010, Betty and Arley Adams, Susan Schwartz and J.B. Peters held a flag raising ceremony on the mountain. Rosa Williams Bouse's first historian who lived in Bouse in the 1970s, worked as a lookout for fires in the mountains.

Today, The mountain is still creating interest to Bouse residents. Duane Sargent is trying to figure out a way to have a light up there to shine on the flag at night adding, "It would have to be Solar of course and be imbedded in the rocks or on a pole high enough that it couldnt be reached."

Bouse Then & Nowextract from " Bouse Arizona - Then & Now"
by Renee Townsend & Carolyn Brown 2012

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'P' Mountain, Parker AZ

"Black Peak," at 1,594 feet (486 m) to the South East. It is known to locals as "P Mountain" due to the large white "P" painted on its west side by the nearby town of Parker. In the spring of 1956 the high school letterman club decided to paint the "P" on Black Mountain. The freshmen boys painted it and the freshmen girls provided lunch.


'Q' Mountain, Quartzsite, AZ

There is a little hill right near the town of Quartzsite, which is really the only relief to flat horizontal landscape. It's referred to as "Q mountain" because of the huge Q letter and is located several miles to the southeast rising out of broken rock, black and barren. although referred to as a mountain, at 200 feet high It's really just a hill. On an escarpment near its pinnacle, some person, or persons unknown, created a giant letter "Q" in brilliant white. In fact the letter was created by the careful placement of very white quartz rocks. Believe me there is no easy way to get to the letter. Someone went to a lot of trouble to display this symbol of a most unusual town.



A fly over of 'B' Mountain ... video posted on youtube by Desi Ekstein

B Mountain, Parker AZ
(photo courtesy of Pomona Public Library)

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