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Clean air, clear skies and lots of open space provide plenty of places to ride. Our mountainous terrains, long stretches of open road, and numerous trails are prefect for all types of cycling. Tougher trails can be sought out by the adventurous, while long stretches of lonely roads are great for those looking for a relaxing ride. Cycling can be used for different levels of exercise, but it is also an excellent means of travel for the sightseer in all of us. Feel a refreshing breeze brush by your face as the sun sets in the distance behind stunning vistas, and mountains.

In the late fall and winter months it may be raining and snowing with freezing temperatures in some places of the world, but here, in and around Bouse, the weather is undoubtedly divine. The air temperature is just begging for some cycling. Ideal weather for biking is from October to April when the temperature varies from 65-85 degrees. Rain is extremely rare year-round, and the air is free from much, if any, humidity.


The traffic on the highway is minimal with some twists and turns along the way, making the trek challenging, but enjoyable. It is a great form of exercise that also offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains and river banks.

On the Road between Bouse and Quartszite


If you are looking to rent, the nearest bike rentals are in Parker but if you are willing to combine your ride with a drive ... there are several rental places in Lake Havasu.

In either case, knowing what type of bike best suits your needs is important.

Mountain bikes are built for stability and meant to be used on mountain trails. They are made to assist in climbing and descending dirt trails that may get bumpy from time to time.




Road bikes are similar in design, but are built for speed and meant for paved surfaces over rocky terrain. These types of bikes are built to travel long distances in small amounts of time.

On one of the trails

Cruisers are a completely different type of bike. They are meant for a relaxing ride. These are ideal for a slower, casual expedition on a level, paved path.

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